A Photo Reportage from GSPF

Text & photo: Filip Svensson | December 17, 2021

The SPART Magazine
Original av icepic-Marcus Johansson

To see what someone else have already seen, in their way, anew. An interpretation of an interpretation, or a framing of someone else’s already manifested vision. An interesting thought, wouldn’t you say? Between the 17-18 September 2021 Gothenburg Street Photo Festival took part in the rougher part of the Gothenburg port. Photographers sought the liking of the judges, while the audience saw an orgy of photography like no others.


This is what I saw.

Original by Mats Alfredsson
Original by Birgitta Nilsson

Birgitta Nilsson presenting.

Original by Birgitta Nilsson
Original by Birgitta Nilsson
Original by Dimitris Makrygiannakis
Original by Linda Svensson
Original by icepic-Marcus Johansson
Original by icepic-Marcus Johansson
Original by icepic-Marcus Johansson
Original by Trygve Ulriksen

Notre-Dame is burning.

French photographer David and friend view the admissions to the competition.

Original by Roger Turesson

Roger Turesson presenting.

Original by Roger Turesson
Original by Roger Turesson
Original by Roger Turesson

Last piano at the music school in Baghdad.

Original by Roger Turesson

Wrong road.


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